What is On-Stream™ advertising & how is it different from other forms of video advertising?

You’ve heard of in-stream advertising; it’s the most prevalent form of video advertising. It’s what you think of when someone says “Oh yeah, I’m running video ads for my brand.” In-stream video ads are classified as ads that are played before, during, or after an online or streamed video is played (Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll). But, do they work?

84% of consumers leave content due to advertising that interrupts their content.

An estimated 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, but in advertising, interruptive video ads can be a detriment both to the user experience and to the user’s perception of the brand - if the user even stays to watch the ad.

Imagine how much better the ads would perform as an advertiser if people saw them?

Imagine how much more money you’d make as a publisher if people saw them?

Enter On-Stream™ advertising by CatapultX.

What is On-Stream™ advertising?

On-Stream™ Video Advertising (patent-pending) is overlaid on to the video and connected to it’s content. It’s non-interruptive and preferred by audiences 9:1 over other formats.

What makes On-Stream™ by CatapultX different?

CatapultX is the pioneer of on-stream video advertising. This ad format uses AI to understand the video, contextual targeting to deliver a message, and new formats that help to Win The Moment™ for your brand.

By becoming a part of the content, our solution works across multiple channels like the web, social media, OTT/CTV, Live and other places that videos live.

For example, if you are a breakfast-related packaged goods company who uses CatapultX for On-Stream™ advertising, your ads could appear during the following:

  • A Hulu series where a child is eating a bowl of cereal
  • A breakfast recipe/cooking video
  • A YouTube “Best Breakfast Around the World” Review Video

This means that a consumer is receiving your ad when they are primed and already thinking about or experiencing breakfast-related content.

What does On-Stream™ advertising look like?

On-Stream™ advertising will appear as one of the following - but ad technology is always evolving.

Slider - Slides into view of content without pausing or taking over the entire screen

Shoppable - Appears as a slider or an insert, but allows the user to click through to shop
Text on Screen - This dynamic format superimposes text and a clickable attribute to encourage better engagement

Ad Insert - Pops up beside or in conjunction of flagged related content within the video

What are the benefits of On-Stream™ video advertising?

Benefits for Publishers

  • Ads are non-interruptive, increasing video view-times
  • Ad format allows for more ad space to be sold on your videos 
  • More ad space allows for higher ROI and monetization on low-conversion content
  • Increased revenue on video content

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Ads shown to consumers who are primed and more likely to be interested due to contextual relevance
  • Clean, clear call-to-action to increase CTR from video ads
  • No video creation necessary (saving time & production-costs)
  • Unskippable - 65% of consumers skip a video ad as soon as possible
  • Brand safety - you can pick where and when your ads show, ensuring that your ads are never associated with poor content

Are you ready to try On-Stream™ Advertising?

CatapultX is changing the way advertisers reach their audience through engaging them with intuitive, content-specific placements in On-Stream™ advertising.

If you’re ready to try something new or supplement your existing advertising or video monetization tactics, get in touch with us.