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Introducing Qortex

We're excited to announce that we have become, Qortex. The name CatapultX has meant a lot to us over the last few years, and we accomplished a lot with it.

Through the creation of the On-Stream marketplace with hundreds of partnerships across brands, agencies, publishers, DSPs, SSPs, and video players, CatapultX has:

  • Delivered billions of ad impressions
  • 6.8X the attention metrics of traditional video ads
  • Added 30% more revenue per stream for publishers
  • Chosen by the Drum for the best use of AI in Advertising,AdExchanger’s Programmatic Power Player, Digiday’s best video adsolution, and more

The initial focus of CatapultX was simple, bring a scalable ad experience into video by brute force. Hence the catapult. As the on-stream marketplace became more established, we recognized the opportunity was even bigger than we had imagined.

Never before could a brand match its messaging to a specific moment in a video in real-time. Never before could a publisher identify its highest-impact moments for audiences. Never before could we truly understand how video content moved audiences to action.

Well, what happens when you outgrow your initial vision? It’s time for a new name.

Qortex comes from the part of the brain that helps to make decisions, which is precisely why we chose it. As our toolset evolves, so do the data and decision making capabilities of our products, and we are leaning in.

At the center is our AI and its identification of moments in video. Actions, events, feelings, people, and products that will provide us with a deeper level of understanding of video than ever before. Which is why we've made it our mission.

Qortex, identifying moments that matter